Im so ready for that deep black-seed

Just be Honest, look your sweetheart in the eyes, during a Very nice bottle of Wine, & Dinner, & say it Loud enough for most everyone else to hear. I’m so Ready for that Deep Black-Seed insemination. I’ve gotten so many wives addicted to Black-Meat. Love You.


  1. jondoe

    04. Dec, 2010

    Watching your woman (wife/gf) getting fucked is very erotic. Watching her getting dirtied by a black is even hotter, because it’s so taboo. If you ever get your chick to agree to fuck a BBC for you, video it because she may never do it again.

  2. mitemouse

    17. Jun, 2011

    (I am 70 years old and my wife 69m years)Watching my wife being Black seeded in our younger days has been a great experience. She has had 3 black children, (we kept them and raised them;our black daughter has been both black and white seeded and has kept her children also). What I noticed most powerfully was the almost total white of the black mans cum, along with the density and volume of his cum . It used to overflow from my wife’s cunt, a scene that used to send me into a high state of excitement. Strangely enough er never doubted or love for each other, but were happy that we could bring happiness to our partner, no matter how unusual the method.

  3. janne

    07. Sep, 2011

    i would love to fuck her

  4. Gaz

    18. Nov, 2011

    Great looking lady love the stockings if she fancied some white meat I’d love to give her my seed

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