I need a couple of well hung men

I need a couple of well hung men to make me a little whore and fill all my holes with hot cum!


  1. David

    03. Feb, 2011

    It looks like you have the experience required for a great cum slut

  2. bluedog

    27. Feb, 2011

    you are very sexy cum slut sure would love to try you out some time

  3. thedog

    03. Mar, 2011

    this old pussy neds my dick insid of it

  4. Harry & Ruth

    04. Apr, 2011

    This is a woman that needs to be fucked several times a day to keep her youthful pussy in shape. She has a cum fuck me look about her and I think it should be full filled.
    My wife has been fucked by multiple guys several times and loves it. We tried the bondage thing a few times but she said it restricted her too much. When she gets started she gets hotter by the inch.
    We once did the bondage thing and I had three buddies over to the house and after tying her up in a submissive position on her hands and knees and blind folding her and putting the head phones on her from the stereo she couldn’t move, hear, or see anything that was about to happen. She knew the guys were there but they were outside drinking beer and swimming in the pool.
    I started with a vibrator in her pussy and left her there for a few minutes to get her warmed up. While she was getting warmed up I went outside and ask the guys if they were ready for a great fuck. Of course they all said hell yes. So we went back into the house and as they watched her squirm around with the vibrator in her pussy they all had hard on’s.
    With in a few minutes we were all naked with rock hard cocks and I whispered to them to let me start it off. I went around to her head and slipped my cock into her mouth and she sucked it like it was her life line. After just a few minutes I pulled my cock out of her mouth and motioned for one of the guys that had a cock about the same size as mine to go ahead and start fucking her pussy. As he did she thought it was me and got hotter then hell, moaning and groaning and tell me to fuck her harder.
    Right before she started to climax I told him to pull out and we just wait for a minute. Then I motioned for the second guy with just a little bigger cock to go ahead and resume fucking her pussy. Again with in a few minutes she was getting close again and I had the second guy pull out. After a minute the first guy moved around to her head a slipped his cock in her mouth and she sucked it as though she was starving. It only took a minute or two before he came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. When he pulled out his softening cock out of her mouth. The third guy was hard for her to not know that he was not me. He had a cock almost as big around as a beer can and about 10″ long. He lubed up his cock and slid it into her wet pussy and she squirreled with pleasure.
    The second guy went back to her head and put his cock in her mouth and started pumping it in and out of her mouth like he was fucking and tight pussy. She was trying to say something but with the cock in her mouth we couldn’t understand a word she was saying. Then the third guy pulled his cock out of her pussy and the guy in her mouth pulled out and they traded ends.
    Before the big cock could be pumped into her mouth she said she wanted to be untied to better handle the cocks. But before she could say more her wonderful mouth was full of hard cock again. The second guy slipped under her and between her legs and slipped his cock back into her pussy.
    I had a raging hard on that demanded I put it somewhere in her so I put a little KY on my cock and slid it into her ass. I could only last about five minutes before I blew my wad in her tight ass and as I pulled out the first guy had recovered with another hard on and began to fuck her in the ass also Before it was all said and done it was the next morning and we had been fucking her all night long. She had sucked every cock, fucked every cock several times, and had three of us fuck her ass a few times. The third guy was left out because his cock was too big she said. But for having four guys fucking her all night she was still hot when we stopped. So she said she felt sorry for the big cock getting to fuck her ass she sucked him off two more times. She said it was the best fuck she had every had. We will be doing more of them.
    Before that weekend we had only had threesomes with MFM. Now she is looking for a real gang bang. Someday I will have to set one up for her without her knowing about it. She loves those kinds of surprises.

  5. Reshad Nuredin

    12. Dec, 2011

    It is best fucking if i get like this girl

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